Partner Kevin Frye approaches his advocacy for special needs families from a place of understanding, based on his own personal experience living with his son Nathan who is part of the rare disease community. In supporting Nathan, Kevin serves as the Legal Director for the SynGAP Research Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity focused on improving the lives of patients diagnosed with SynGAP1. Kevin has participated in a number of events to support Nathan, including twice crossing the United States in a “Cannonball Run for a Cure“, helping to raise awareness and financial resources for research into Nathan’s rare condition.

Kevin comes from a family of teachers, and before attending law school he received a degree in education. Kevin believes that public schools can and should focus on creating inclusive educational environments for all children, and his advocacy is intended to educate both families and school districts on appropriate and modern practices for education of special needs students. If you need assistance understanding your child’s rights, navigating the IEP process, or negotiating for appropriate services from your child’s school, Kevin is here to help.